Organic Rose Water Concentrate "Bio Rose Oil Of Bulgaria" 125 ml

Organic Rose Water Concentrate "Bio Rose Oil Of Bulgaria" 125 ml

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Bio Organic, 100% pure Bulgarian Rose water. The Rose water is a Natural toner, a pure elixir for the skin.

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 The Organic Rose Water is obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing "Rosa Damascena Mill" through distillation. It is a pure elixir for the human skin. The Rose water is perfect in the morning to awaken the vitality of the skin, and ideal in the evening to cleanse it and prepare it for sleep.

It became an established cosmetic essential centuries ago, due to its moisturising, regenerative and tonifying properties, and its delicate floral fragrance. It regulates and balances the production of sebum, which makes it equally suitable for both dry and greasy skin. Rose water stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis in the case of sun burns, maintains the water balance, soothes, tones and gives a pleasant scent.


Apply on well cleansed face with a cotton swab. Don't rinse and let it absorb in the skin. For better results you can apply the Rose water directly on the skin, without using a pad. It can also be applied on the whole body and even the hair. 


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